by Arizona Lights

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released August 20, 2014

John Bridstrup - Drums, Backing Vocals
Kevin Brosky - Guitar, Vocals
Chad Jordan - Guitar, Vocals
Shawn McCullough - Bass

Tracks 1, 3, 6 and 8 written by Kevin Brosky.
Tracks 2, 4, 5 and 7 written by Chad Jordan.
Music by Arizona Lights.

Engineered by John Bridstrup at Foundation Studio.

Mixed and mastered by Julian McBrowne at Hidden Drive Studio in Brattleboro, VT.

Album artwork by Chad Jordan.



all rights reserved


Arizona Lights Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arizona Lights are a Philadelphia-based, three-piece rock band, formed in 2012. They self-released two albums as a four-piece before rearranging as a trio for new shows in 2015.

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Track Name: Middle of Anywhere
I'm just fine
I've got nothing but time
To wait for things to happen to me soon
It's almost dawn
All my prospects are gone
I toss delusions, nightly, around my room

I can't sleep at night
I'm drenched in sweat and doubt
I wish I could clear my head
But there's no space big enough
To empty it all out

I'm trying to save
All these walls from caving in
And crushing me under debris
It's been four years
Since you've been around here
I know you'd never stick around for me

And I can't seem to find
Any answers for my mind
And I would like to be
In the middle of anywhere but here
Track Name: Mines
While you were barely sleeping
I head for the road
Which one of us looks more alive?
Lately, I don't know

We must trade our weeks
We must burn our lungs
Then barely speak
Then truth will come

In a story
Can you hear the message call?
That glorious song
I have to sing along

As the clock ticks by
In this cold, dark mine
This bird can't fly
He's my warning sign

In a story
Can you hear the message call?
That glorious song
I have to sing along

In the ashes
I hear you calling for me
It's getting faster
I fall asleep

A streak of sun did shine
To fill this heart of mine
I feel like this might be the last time
Track Name: Uniform
Dress me up
Snap my photo for this badge
You see I've done this all before
Lace up these boots
They're the seventh pair I've had
And they won't be the last ones worn

Sign me up
On your payroll, if you will
My guitar won't pay my rent
But I don't mind
Another way to pay the bills
And save the money not yet spent

Another routine daily commute
Another insensitive boss to answer to
Another fully-hopeless effort to conform
And this is just another uniform

Call me back
If ever you might find the time
I'm only hanging by a thread
If you don't care
My livelihood is on the line
Then at least lie to me instead

Type me in
As a number on your screen
And I'll look my very best
A servant of
A faceless, corporate machine
Camouflaged among the rest

I tried to climb the corporate ladder
But I'm stuck on several broken rungs
My optimism has been shattered, I don't care
This is just another uniform to wear
Track Name: Wrecking Ball
Once more
My life is like an open book
With no more pages left inside
I wont speak my name

Has made me forge a battle plan
You gotta kill yourself to stay alive
I wont speak my name
My story is the same
I'm better off erased

So if you tell me where you are
I may not make it very far
I made my bed in the heat of the fire
I'll send a wrecking ball to you

This world
Well I don't see it casual
I lift my head up towards the sky
I'm in another place
Alternate time and space
I'm better off erased

So if you tell me where you are
I may not make it very far
I made my bed in the heat of the fire
I'll send a wrecking ball to you

I'll be gone
Into the sky
With my hands up
Throw my hands up

And I'll be fine
Throw your hands up
Throw your hands up
And I'll be fine
Track Name: Humanity
Welcome to life
May I take your coat?
So glad you've arrived
Now that you're home
There's so much to do
So open up your eyes
A scene will unfold
We've got air for your lungs
Dirt for your toes
And much more unknown

The sun keeps holding on
To the earth we ride on
The sun keeps burning on
For the earth we rise from

Join me my friend
There are billions of us
We work for our own
Some fall in love
Some die alone
And keep it inside
When we turn out the lights
And send you below
Did you fall into line
Or make one your own?
Did you stumble and fall?

This temporary life
Is meaningless inside
Without love, love, love
So love, love, love
Track Name: Spoke in Song
My eyes opened yesterday and saw
That you were, all at once, the only thing at all
There wasn't time
For me to realign
The plans I didn't have

The time I was killing
Is the space you're now filling
You came along
We spoke in song
We spoke in song

I've become a cynic, you can tell
But you soak up my bitterness so well
And you can't hide
Your smile if you tried
And you don't have to try

And everyday
I find you picking up new instruments to play
In evenings
I find us singing like bluebirds sing
Track Name: Pendulum
This is not a dream
It's really happening
And all I see is truth
I spend my time with you

And open up our minds
Let's open up our minds

And see what new things are possible
We've got an ocean full of gold
And in the future, we may fall
But I promise it won't hurt at all

I can take the pain
I'm not running
The pendulum will swing
We'll ride it through the change

And it can be like when we were young
We can hold onto mid-day sun
Well don't be like everyone
Giving up when they find their home
Track Name: Intertwined
I'm alone in bed
With my wondering head
Into which you creep
I'm way too tired to sleep
And in our drunken dreams
We'll say just what we mean
Another piece to be
Part of our history

Always on the brink
Our timing out of sync
With all we could rely
On in each others eyes
Everything we missed
Was in a fleeting kiss
We knew would soon be gone
With tomorrow's dawn

And hey, take the best of me
I'll wait, catch up with destiny
In fate, I don't much believe
But I know, somehow, we're intertwined

I was my most down
When you were not around
I searched in every place
To fill your vacant space
And when you returned
Back over bridges burned
I caught a faint new spark
Somewhere in the pitch dark

For now, we'll separate
Until a later date
Maybe someday we'll run
Far from the damage done
And if our love manifests
May it be nothing less
Than just as perfect-seeming
As visions we were dreaming
On lonesome nights