Arizona Lights

by Arizona Lights

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Recorded in the winter months, beginning in late 2012, at the house of Chad Jordan.


released April 1, 2013

Recorded by Chad Jordan.
Mixed by Chad Jordan, except Track 1, mixed by Julian McBrowne.
Tracks 1, 3, 5 and 6 written by Kevin Brosky.
Tracks 2, 4, 7 and 8 written by Chad Jordan.

Arizona Lights are:
Chad Jordan - Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Brosky - Guitar, Vocals
John Bridstrup - Drums, Vocals
Shawn McCullough - Bass



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Arizona Lights Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arizona Lights are a Philadelphia-based, three-piece rock band, formed in 2012. They self-released two albums as a four-piece before rearranging as a trio for new shows in 2015.

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Track Name: Holly Golightly
When I confessed how I loved you so
It was December, I remember the snow
On the sidewalk as I walked you home
In the dark and the cold
But you didn't bat those pretty lashes
Perhaps another of those mean red flashes
But you were always on the go
I should have known

And Holly Golightly
Please linger
I'm wrapped too tightly
Around your finger
And I think you know
And you like it
And I might, too

There was a night we stayed up too late
You climbed through my window from the fire escape
And I made myself believe
You'd never leave

Holly Golightly
Still traveling
My dreams of you, nightly
And I think you know
And you like it
And I might, too

Holly Golightly
Track Name: Quiet Eyes on the Mean Sea
Dear my love
I have gone
And given my soul to the sea
It looks that to me
I'll be gone
A very long time, perhaps eternity

I heard you laugh
I heard you
While I laid in summer's blind sun
Without your love
Without your love

Time's closing in
I can sense, the journey begins
They're calling me now
I'm closer to source
The remorse is burning my heart
My lungs are filled with sea

And if you should find me
Floating 'round somewhere near shore
I won't be there
I won't be there

I should have known from the start
As soon as the weather picked up
Reversed the sail
Sure to fail
Baby, oh baby, I should have stayed there with you
Track Name: Color
I walked the streets of Paris
For three days, on my own
And I searched inside myself
As I aimlessly roamed
And when the sun fell down
Over bridges on the Seine
I retreated to a cold and empty
Two-star hotel bed

And over the Atlantic
I was dreading misery
But I found you waiting patiently
To keep me company
I'd spent so much time looking
For a hand I could hold
Now I'm watching on with wonder
As our story still unfolds

For all I know, darling
We're the only two
People in this town
That doesn't have another you

I was going about it wrong
You were just around the corner
How did this take so long?
And for a time, I was only seeing blue
Now I'm amazed by all the color in you

We drove east to the shore at night
To see a new sun rise
And I finally saw the true shade
Of your sparkling eyes
We held deep conversations
Without ever speaking words
Studying whatever else was left for us to learn

Was it a dream from which we awoke,
Surrounded by stars and campfire smoke?
And even in the darkest of nights
I can still see, all around me
The dawn of all your colors so bright

I'm astounded by the color in you
Track Name: Little Fox
Little fox
Are you going home
Like you did last year?
When we're apart
I sing slower songs
And they're all my own

My little friend
It's been hard to find your eyes
Just need a friend

Oh little fox
I think I see you in the dark
Can't trust my eyes
Eternal thoughts
Eternally listening to the woods
For just that sound

My little friend
It's been hard to find your eyes
My head wears thin
But my heart tries to survive
Just need a friend

Don't you understand
And don't you understand
And don't you understand
And don't you understand
That you're mine
Just need a friend
Track Name: Your Crowded Heart
You, my darling
Are a shining star
And on this dark night
It's too cloudy to see you
And I have tried
To be there in your time of need
And now I see
There's only so much I can do

To ease your heavy, troubled mind
And I will admit to you sometimes

That all I want to do is kiss your lips
But I know that's only a temporary fix
So I will try again to find another way
Just to balance out the right words
With to words I really want to say to you

So many times
I thought you were the answer
To my loveless state of mind
My aimless wandering
But there's a delicate line
Between leaning on someone
And freely falling
And I don't blame you for a thing at all

But I will protect your insecurities
In the hopes that I can help to set you free

And if your crowded heart has no room for me
I can learn to let you be
Although my arms will always be your place to hide
I'll just have to set aside

That all I want to do is kiss your lips
But I know that's only a temporary fix
So I will try again to find another way
Just to balance out the right words
With the words I really want to say
Track Name: Thundercloud
This thundercloud is gonna break
Just like they always do in time
The skies will clear after a while
Make no mistake
Pretty soon the sun will shine

And I will weather this storm
With you, my love
We've seen much cloudier days
And nevermind this precipitation
Streaming from above
It's not about to stand in our way

In retrospect we were such fools
Looking through such a narrow lens
We may as well have been blind
To be so cruel
Fighting losing arguments

So right here, let's decide
You and I will choke back
All of our fragile pride
Track Name: Room To Grow
So much for our innocence
We're on our own
We will try to understand
We'll never know

Talking birds
Will lead us home
They've got big plans
We've got their songs

Should you seek the earth's key
Let love keep you warm
Pardon my ideology
I mean no harm

Talk, talking birds
Will lead us home
They've got big plans
For everyone of us

Underneath the light
In a one-man show
Closer than you were a year ago
Track Name: Judge Not Lest Ye Be the Judge
Lord have mercy on my fellow man
He don't know he's doing
He's all instinct not much sympathy

Oh, it's sad to see him live this way
On the brink of insanity
All torn up bout somethin' he can't see

But if you must turn those men away
Would you at least let my friends stay
They're good people, they're just not on your team

Well it's not them who's slammin' doors
And it's not them who's startin' wars
It's just that they don't really believe

What about the past few centuries?
Born in a tribe somewhere overseas
Ain't never heard of Christianity

Surely you didn't send those souls to flames
Please my god I feel ashamed
And now I think I may be losin' faith

Well I think I've lived a decent life
Helped my friends and loved my wife
Oh dear father, will you still spare me?

Cause it's not me who's slammin' doors
And it's not me who's startin' wars
It's just that I don't really believe

It's not me who's spreadin' pain
Sending people down to the flames
For not being what I think they should be